#1 Sound Noise Acoustics Engineering Introduction

This episode is an introduction to the Sound Noise Acoustics Podcast.

Thank you for your interest in the Sound Noise Acoustics – engineering podcast.

The idea behind Sound Noise Acoustics podcast is to share information and resources to help people address acoustical issues. In these episodes my goal is to provide resources, inexpensive tools, rules of thumb when dealing with acoustical issues. I would like to explain basic acoustic principles and answer any questions. I will describe actual projects to make this as practical as possible.

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Sound Solutions is is an acoustical consulting firm that conducts noise measurements, analysis, reporting, materials and installation for environmental and architectural noise issues.


2 thoughts on “#1 Sound Noise Acoustics Engineering Introduction

  1. It is really interesting that there are so many different acoustic issues that there are to deal with. There must be tons of different solutions for things like this. I think that it would be really interesting to learn more about acoustics and how they work. This is one area of study that seems like it would be pretty cool to learn about.

    • Owen – yes, it is a pretty diverse field. I agree that there are lots of acoustical issues and solutions – it’s an interesting field. There are several universities that offer programs in Acoustical Engineering – sometimes in the Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or even in the Architecture departments. Bill

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